The Senceless Band


The Senceless band was Jonathan Sheffield’s first band. Formed around 1979 from neighborhood friends when Jonathan was 14 years old and had only been

playing guitar for a short time. He taught his friend John Heaney a few chords, got his friend Steve Cascaddan on drums and the next thing you know he had a band. After a lot of work in his parents garage, the band only played one gig where it won a contest at a church talent show.


  • Jonathan Sheffield: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
  • John Heaney: Guitar, Vocals
  • Steve Cascaddan: Drums
  • Bass Guitar (only played the live gig)

Recorded Music

These songs were found on a 29 year old cassette and are the only know music recorded from this band. Noise reduction and equalization was applied to restore the recording.

Get back to me: this is an original song that was kind of made up as it went along. recorded around 1979 and is one of the earliest original songs by Jonathan Sheffield as well as one of the oldest recordings.

Tuesdays gone: a rough version the Lynard Skynard song with Jonathan starting out on vocals and John Heaney doing the rest. Jonathan is playing rhythm guitar and Heaney is playing lead.

  • Active Date : 1979